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Infinite Features of Nginx

Everything You Think Of Is a Nginx Feature.


Nginx Proxy Settings : Easy to use and manage nginx configuration setting.

All Nginx Configuration : You can change all nginx configuration setting.

Web Appliction Firewall (WAF) : Pronginx pervent your site and server from site side attack like SQL Injection,XSS and pervent from etc...

Nginx Firewall : Pronginx pervent your site and server from Ddos and Slowloris attack and pervent your site of security scanner.

Multi PHP Managment : You can manage all php version in pronginx.

Google Page Speed : you can enable google pagespeed for any account you have

Set password on nginx dashboard for deny other acsses

Set email for send notification


DDOS Protection:Control layer 7 ddos attacks .

Visitor Traffic Limit:Limit traffic from a visitor IP to an nginx website..

Limit Traffic to a Domain:You control the traffic limitation to a domain or subdomain..

Limit Request Rate From Visitor IP:You control the rate of request per second from a visitor IP.


100% Fully customizable virtual host templates.

Manage individual domain directory listing.

Make your default server as nginx stand alone , hybrid or proxy.

Switch PHP versions of individual domains and sub domains.

Manage userdir access from pronginx panel.


Pronginx auto management for ssl and certificates.

Manage nginx HTTP2 support over ssl.

You choose the proper ssl security protocols as you wish.

Easily manage nginx ssl domains.